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Venture Counsel Partners was founded by highly-experienced attorney and tech investor, Gerry Murfitt, with the idea of leveraging technology and proven experience to provide much better value and service to entrepreneurs and investors. We stand out from traditional brick-and-mortar law firms in the following respects:

Excellence | Experienced partner-level advice at associate rates

Our clients receive experienced partner-level advice and service at rates similar to those of much less-experienced associates right out of law school. Unlike our former law firm counterparts we don't have redundant layers of "client team" staffing, multiple review and other administrative costs which are ultimately borne by clients. Our clients do not pay for on-the-job attorney training, expensive overhead and other inefficiencies inherent in a traditional law firm model. Instead, our clients receive expert advice directly from a partner who has successfully closed hundreds of business transactions similar to the one you likely need assistance with.

Efficiency | You run your business efficiently, so do we

Our clients interact directly with an experienced business-orientated partner which ensures that document preparation and review is handled correctly from the outset and in the most efficient manner possible. We leverage technology, our cutting-edge legal forms system, client educational memos and the best value third-party service providers in connection with the preparation, review and filing of client documents. We do not keep redundant sets of paper files and instead encourage our clients to utilize electronic data rooms which keep transactions as efficient as possible for all parties involved. Our legal service agreements and invoices are sent electronically and we allow our clients to settle their accounts electronically too. Where possible we complete work on a fixed-fee basis so that billing is fully transparent.

Virtual Platform | Low overhead costs, better for the environment

We operate virtually without expensive offices. Our clients appreciate that our low overhead allows us to offer rates equal to approximately half of the rates of our former large law firms. We rely heavily on web conferencing, instant messaging and other technologies to stay productive and connected with our clients in real time. We don't waste our time or your money finding a conference room, or driving to your office to review documents. Our clients are technology-enabled often relying on instant messaging as much as phone or e-mail -- we're connected so our clients don't have to step back into the last century for us to partner together. We're proud that our virtual model means that we're an environmentally-friendly "green" business with a low-carbon footprint that's much better for the environment than a traditional law firm model.

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